Actress, vocalist, Deep Space Nine, The Flash, co-founder Pop Culture Hero Coalition

We’re delighted to welcome the multitalented Chase Masterson as a first-time guest! She is best known for her five years as “Leeta” on STAR TREK DS9, and has the title role of the DOCTOR WHO BIG FINISH audio spin-off VIENNA, currently in Season Four. Fans of CW’s THE FLASH know her as Sherry.

Chase began working in theatre when she was five; favorite lead roles include “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Julius Caesar,” “Cabaret,” “Bye, Bye, Birdie,” “Anything Goes,” “The Fantasticks,” “The Boyfriend,” “Quilters,” “The Stingiest Man in Town,” “The Relapse,” “Murderers Anonymous,” “Apostrophe 68” and “Woyzeck.”

Mel Brooks cast Chase in her first role in ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS; Chase’s list of film leads and TV guest stars includes starring with Mark Hamill in ROBOTECH: THE SHADOW CHRONICLES, starring opposite Bruce Campbell in SyFy’s TERMINAL INVASION, hosting SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES with Ryan Seacrest, hosting on SyFy, playing opposite Jerry O’Connell in SLIDERS, in “General Hospital,” the Emmy-winning episode of ER, and a lead in the critically acclaimed film noir, YESTERDAY WAS A LIE, released by eOne.

Chase is a vocal recording artist, singing worldwide; her jazz lineage includes being produced and mentored by Dave Pell, known as the founder of West Coast jazz, who was mentored by Dizzie Gillespie and Charlier Parker.

In 2013, Chase founded the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, the first 501c3 organization to use stories from TV and film to rise against bullying, misogyny, LGBTQIA-bullying, racism, and cyberbullying. The Coalition’s psychologists do life-saving work in schools and pop culture cons; Chase serves on the Advisory Board for the United Nations Association for her work in this field.

Chase has been listed in AOL’s “10 Sexiest Aliens on TV,” Screen Rant’s “15 Most Stunning Aliens in Star Trek,” Femme Fatales’ “50 Sexiest,” Film Fetish’s “Hot Leading Ladies of Film,” and UGO’s “Top 25 TV Hotties, and the Schlubs They Inexplicably Love.”

Chase Masterson’s WonderFest appearance is sponsored by CultTVman.