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TAG Team/Iwata | Dino 201

Friday,  June 3rd, 9 am-4 pm – An art class 65 million years in the making!

Dino 201 is presented by TAG Team Hobbies and instructed by Shane Foulkes of Cretaceous Creations Studio. Note the 201: This is not a beginner class; some airbrushing experience is required!

Learn techniques used by Shane to paint up a 1/35 Big Mike Cretaceous Creations Studios Triceratops kit. You keep your painted up Big Mike and the Student Supply Pack of paints and other supplies. Use the Iwata HP CS airbrushes provided or get yourself some new equipment!

$300 for the class limited to the first 20 paid registrations.

Preregister by emailing Tom Grossman: tom@tagteamhobbies.com

Cretaceous Park poster