Guardians of Forever and Ever!

A super-crew of TREK creators (John Eaves, Daren Dochterman, Rick Sternbach & Company) have beamed down for this year’s ‘fest and we’re wrapping up the show with a freewheeling mega-panel hosted by WF’s Brian Ludden.  Explore what it’s like to work within what’s become a beloved, multi-generational franchise, and how it feels seeing dreams translated to sc-fi reality!  From restorations and re-imaginings of big-screen features and shows to all-new designs and revivals of classic characters, from STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE raised from the ashes to PICARD and company warping into the future of the TREK universe, it’ll be a dazzler…

Event Timeslots (1)

Upstairs Theater B (Sun)
John Eaves, Daren Dochterman, Rick Sternbach & Co.