There's always too much to do at WonderFest!

The days are packed with events. Once the show closes at 5, we fill the nights with fun events, too. Don’t miss out!

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Our Friday workshops are separately ticketed and are run by their various sponsors. They are a great opportunity to learn in-depth modeling skills from masters of the craft.

Amazing Figure Modeler’s Model Boot Camp

Come for the instruction, leave with the knowledge!

AFM logoThis class will run from 9am to 5pm on Friday June 1st. The main focus will be translating two-dimensional painting effects onto a three-dimensional bust. Students will receive the bust and paints! In addition, students receive a free four-issue subscription to AFM!

Seating is limited. >>Read all the details here.

This is a separately ticketed event.

Badger/Black Heart Airbrushing and Model Finishing Class

Badger & Black Heart logosSpend a day learning to paint on a fantastic work of art, thanks to Badger Airbrush and Black Heart!

The class will run from 9am to 3pm on Friday June 1st. Limited to 16 participants. The class will feature Badger Air-brush Co. products and a new 1:2 scale Sil (Species) bust sculpted by Daniele Angelozzi will debut at WonderFest and will be the painting subject for the class.

>>Read all the details here.

This is a separately ticketed event.

Sci-Fi Modeling School

Iwata and TAG Team logosLearn airbrushing techniques at our hands-on classes!

TAG Team Hobbies and Iwata-Medea are teaming up to bring you you SCI-FI MODELING SCHOOL at WonderFest 2018!

It’s a day-long workshop on Friday, June 1st, from 9am-4pm.

Learn airbrush techniques you can use for spaceships and just about any other modeling subject: aging, paint chipping and more.

Start the day with practice controlling and cleaning a double action airbrush. The rest of the day you’ll use your new and/or improved skills to paint up a pre-primed A Wing kit in your own color scheme and markings.

Take your spaceship home with you along with the other goodies in the Basic Package from class!

The Friday workshop is a separately ticketed event.

Limited to the first 12 paid students. >>Read all the details here.

Two great Dealer’s Rooms, open 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Dealers from around the world will be set up at more than 160 tables.

Early Bird tickets are available to get in two hours early on Saturday morning. See the Admissions booth.

Guest Talks, Panels, and Movies

Our celebrity guests will participate in talks and panels to share their very entertaining stories. All topics and times listed are tentative and subject to change. Check the purple Pocket Guide when you arrive at the Admissions booth.


10am | Movie: ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’

This stop-motion classic from Laika Studios features work by our special guest, Michael Possert Jr. (1 hour, 6 mins.)

11am | Rick Sternbach: To the Moon!

WonderFest favorite, real-space modeler and legendary STAR TREK designer Rick Sternbach returns in 2018 to join our celebration of all things Bonestell and lunar-centric with a look at the design and construction of the historic 1959 Bonestell Moon Lander model!  No one knows space hardware work better than Rick and it’s always a delight to welcome him back into our orbit!

Noon | It’s the Rocketeer! Michael Possert Jr. 

In his 30-year-career in Hollywood, Mike Possert has literally done it ALL:  From model-making duties on shows like STAR TREK: TNG, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON and the X-FILES, to constructing props and miniatures for the films of James Cameron to work on the cornerstone movies of the Marvel films era like IRON MAN and X-MEN, THE LAST STAND and into the new cutting-edge stop-motion revivals being produced by Laika Entertainment like PARANORMAN and KUBO!  Every. Single.  COOL. Thing. He’ll take us on a little tour of his long career, highlight some of his recent model work for Laika, and show off some terrific unseen prop work from fan-favorite THE ROCKETEER as well.

12:30pm | Modeling Beyond Moebius: Frank Winspur

The best friend sci-fi modelers ever had—witness the recent releases of 2001’s Discovery XD-1 and the U.S.S. Franklin from STAR TREK: BEYOND!  Frank Winspur will be on hand this year to discuss the recent transfer of genre-modeling giant Moebius Models to new ownership and talk about what the future holds, including some special surprises!

1:30pm | British Invasion: Steve Howarth, Part 1 

Modelmaker Steve Howarth crosses the pond with a HUGE list of impressive credits and modeling feats in his portfolio and has so much to show us that we’re getting into the franchise business with talks on both Saturday and Sunday.  He’ll provide a career retrospective on Saturday that highlights his work on BBC series like RED DWARF, SPACE PRECINCT, THUNDERBIRDS, DOCTOR WHO and ADVENTURADOS and features like AVP and THE HITCHHIKER’s GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, and on Sunday he’ll be taking us a lunar excursion with a look at his work as model shop supervisor on director Duncan Jones’ MOON—one of the best sci-fi movies in years (which we’ll screen before his presentation on Sunday). Start your countdown now… !

3:30pm | John Amplas: The Boy Next Door 

This year, WonderFest celebrates the influence and career of the late George A. Romero with a number of release anniversaries including 1968’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and 1978’s MARTIN and DAWN OF THE DEAD and John Amplas, star of MARTIN and several other Romero features joins us for a look at the actor’s perspective on working with the legendary horror auteur.  George always claimed MARTIN as his favorite effort and this gritty examination of the vampire mythos launched John to critical acclaim and a long career in both performing and teaching his art and we’re pleased to welcome him for this live interview and hosted screenings of CREEPSHOW (he’s the infamous Nathan Grantham in this EC-inspired classic as well) and his tour-de-force role as MARTIN on Saturday night!

3:30pm | Ken Palkow & Eric Chu 

Watch the mayhem unfold as we pit Eric “Cylon God” Chu against his old nemesis Ken “Ka-POW!” Palkow in no-holds-barred show-and-tell cage match where they’ll reveal what they’ve been up to in the couple of years since they last tangled!  Eric’s been working with Anderson Entertainment on their new FIRESTORM sci-fi adventure series and will have plenty of behind-the-scenes vid to show, while Ken will wow the crowd with his newly unleashed firepower currently on display in Netflix’s ALTERED CARBON and the forthcoming DEAPOOL 2.  Two men enter, one man leaves—unless John Eaves appears and tossed a folding chair into the proceedings–the Mac Attack is back!


10am | Movie: ‘Moon’

The best and smartest s-f movie of 2009 features a return to old school model work by our guest Steve Howarth and crew. (1 hours, 37 mins.)

11am | Sybil Danning: Queen of the B’s! 

Join Sybil Danning and WonderFest’s Rocko Jerome for a live interview/Q&A covering her legendary career in B-movie epics from Roger Corman’s BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS and CHAINED HEAT to HOWLING II, AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON and V to Quentin Tarantino’s GRINDHOUSE!  She’s been kicking ass and looking good doing it for decades in film and television on both sides of the pond and appears at this year’s Fest courtesy of CultTVman!

11:30am | British Invasion: Steve Howarth, Part 2 

Continuation of Saturday’s Steve Howarth talk. He has lots of stories and behind-the-scenes slides to share!

12:30pm | Remembering Mike Parks  

WonderFest lost a dear member of the family this year and the 2018 show is dedicated to the memory, madness and all-around sense of fun that Mike Parks embodied from the earliest days of the hobby.  A little bit of history, a lot of great stories, and laughs, tears, chills and resin spills will take center stage as we gather some old friends and together to salute the late Master of Mad Lab Models.

1pm | BBC Model Shop:  Mat Irvine

Master modeler Mat Irvine returns to the Fest after a long absence and will bring us an exclusive look at his work and the history of BBC VFX shop, including BLAKE’S 7 and all things Whovian—he’s the builder and occasional master of the good doctor’s faithful K-9—and continues to wow us with his skills and authorship on so many projects and subjects, both real-space and fictional!  Welcome back, Mat!

1:30pm | Documentary: ‘Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With The Future’

Don’t miss our final showing of this new feature-length documentary about the about space art pioneer Chesley Bonestell. We’ll be joined for Q&A by the film’s director, Doug Stewart, and our space artist guest Rick Sternbach. A must for space art fans! (90 mins.)

Learn modeling techniques from other great modelers. Because the FUN is BUILDING!

WonderFest continues our commitment to the art of model making with an expanded demo lineup!

Figure and Hardware demos: These presentations by modelers change every year and usually last from 30 minutes to an hour, (or even two). They’re planned to focus on major modeling topics and skills demonstrations. Some will allow the viewers to go hands-on and try the techniques shown.
>>See the full daytime Demo Schedule.

Iwata logoAirbrush 101: During WonderFest weekend, sign up for one of six FREE 75-minute, hands-on classes (limit 12 students each class), staged and sponsored by Iwata. They’re offered 3 times each day of the show. No charge for WonderFest attendees. >>Follow this email link to sign up.

Props, monsters, art and costumes

…And the stuff that (scary) dreams are made of!

Every year the WonderFest exhibits keep getting better, thanks to friends throughout the hobby.

Kogar's Korner logoKogar’s Korner

Our annual exhibit tables in Dealer Room B, inspired by the collection of Bob Burns!

Thanks to collector Tony Hardy and his talented friends, Kogar’s Korner is celebrating the 50th anniversaries of PLANET OF THE APES and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, as well as the 25th anniversary of JURASSIC PARK. There will be plenty of eye candy on display.

Plus…big displays are coming from modelmakers Jason Eaton, Mike Salzo, Bill George, and Jim Creveling, including:

  • McQuarrie Sandcrawler
  • Large X-Wing
  • Battlestar Galactica Raider with 3-foot wingspan
  • 6-foot Medical Frigate
  • Space 1999 Eagle/Blockade Runner mashup
  • Death Star turrets

The displays just keep getting better!

Two ways to win & help others

Every year at WonderFest there’s a Raffle and Silent Auction to benefit worthwhile charities.

Open 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Sunday

This incredible effort has raised more than $22,000–while hobbyists have taken home startling goodies–thanks to the generosity of many donors and friends of WonderFest.


About our Charities:

For the RAFFLE:

Crusade for Children logoWHAS Crusade for Children, P.O. Box 1100, Louisville, KY 40201
Established in 1954, the WHAS Crusade for Children has collected more than $160 million and has helped over one million physically or mentally handicapped children in Kentucky and Indiana. Money collected helps fund new medical equipment, teachers, therapists, laboratories, computers, speech training and much, much more. The WHAS Crusade for Children is a 501-c (3) non-profit organization.


Cat silhouetteFelines In Need
Your generous contributions help us continue our mission to care for the cats in our sanctuary, in feral & community cat colonies, and those we rescue and foster. It takes a village. Thank you all for your interest and support!

Felines in Need (“Corporation”) is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and corresponding provisions of future United States Internal Revenue law. The specific purposes for which the Corporation is formed are education and charitable acts toward people and animals, facilitating well-being, shelter, sustenance, medical care and relief of suffering, and activities consistent with such purposes and the nonprofit corporation laws of the State of Ohio and Section 501(c)(3).

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Build a model and keep it!

In the free Make-It & Take-It Workshop, kids age 16 and under can learn how to build a model—and then take it home.

Open 11 a.m.–4 p.m. Saturday & Sunday in the Hancock Room

This workshop is a great place for beginners to try modeling without fear. Best of all, it’s free!  First-time modelers age 16 and under can learn to build a model—with help from a crew of patient and experienced volunteers—and then take the finished model home!Starship Modeler logo

Thanks to our sponsor, Starship Modeler, for providing the kits this year! And, as in the past, Starship Modeler will be organizing the amazing volunteer troops.

There’s no better way to bring a new generation into our fantastic hobby!


7pm – 9pm in the Main Hallway!

Say Hello to WonderFest 2018!

Join us as we s-p-r-e-a-d out the Friday night ‘Fest fun with a meet & greet party in the Crowne Plaza’s main convention hallway — with preview displays and special sponsor presentation rooms! Pick up a drink in the hotel bar, meet your modeling friends or online contacts and celebrate “WonderFest Eve” for 2018!

Sponsored by WonderFest USA!

7:30pm – 9pm in the Upstairs Theater!

‘Chesley Bonestell: A Brush with the Future’ exclusive documentary screening!

Don’t miss our special showing of a new feature-length documentary about the about space art pioneer Chesley Bonestell. We’ll be joined by the film’s director, Doug Stewart, along with our space artist guest Rick Sternbach. A must for space art fans!

Screening is free to paid WonderFest attendees.

Bonestell poster

7pm – 10pm in the Madison Room!

Meet and Greet!

  • Test Drive Iwata Airbrushes and Compressors.
  • Talk with experienced Iwata representatives.
  • Meet Iwata artists and see some of their work.

Sponsored by TAG Team Hobbies and Iwata Airbrush!

Friday at 9:15 p.m. in the upstairs Theater B…

Mike Parks Memorial Monster Rally and Rock ‘n Roll Show

After the Bonestell Doc, prepare to be rocked and shocked as The Exotic Ones take the stage to host the Mike Parks Memorial Monster Rally and Rock ‘n Roll Show, featuring screaming guitars, a video tribute to the late, great WonderFest legend and Master of Mad Lab models, and an army of tentacled terrors and city-stomping Kaiju!

Green Slime & Destroy All Monsters postersMike loved nothing more than music and monsters and we’ll be throwing 1968’s THE GREEN SLIME and DESTROY ALL MONSTERS on the screen with live music from Yesterday’s Band of Tomorrow! Who are they? WHY are they? From the future, the stone age, outer space, THE GRAVE, and also from a side-ways reality they come.

The Exotic Ones logo

Rockabilly garage-punks pumping out ATOMIC-AGE rock-n-roll with a 21st Century twist! Prepare to be irradiated!

Fan-voted and presented at WonderFest!

Photo of Rondo awardsSaturday, 5 p.m. in Upstairs Theater A

The Rondos are fandom’s only classic horror awards decided by fans, for fans! We’re happy to welcome David Colton and company back to WonderFest for their live awards presentation for the best in print, film, web, art, media, toys and models… in short, just about everything that makes our monstrous world go ’round! Help celebrate their 15th anniversary!

So make a date with Rondo for Saturday evening at 5 p.m. in Upstairs Theater A to celebrate.

Learn more about the much-coveted acromegalics at

5:45 till 10 p.m. – FREE for WonderFest attendees

Are you an IRON MODELER?

Iron Modeler logoWhat is Iron Modeler? Well, have you ever seen the “Iron Chef” show on the Food Network? It’s like that, but with models. Eight 3-person teams are given a “base item” (could be a kit, could be a random item), a big pile of parts, greeblies and assorted castaway household items, and 4 hours to build the best model they can out of what they’ve got.

A spray booth and paints are provided as well, but teams need to bring any glue or tools. At the end of four hours, the models are judged by and the Iron Modeler champion team is crowned, giving them bragging rights for the next year. Oh, and there’s prizes too.

Official start time is 6pm, but you can arrive any time after 5:30 to setup your table. Teams should arrive no later than 5:45. If your team is not there by the 6pm start time, another team will your place.

It’s competitive fun! Sponsored by Moebius Models (base kit), Iwata/TAG Team (airbrushes), Garage Kits.US Colors (paints) and Starship Modeler for organizing it!

Iwata/TAG TEAM logoGarage Kits.US ColorsStarship Modeler logo

Starts at 7 p.m. in Theater B

Creepshow and Martin postersSaturday Night’s Chiller Cinema Live presents a DOUBLE FEATURE!

With Dr. Gangrene and his very special guests John Amplas and The Exotic Ones!

We’ll be celebrating the collaborative careers of the late Horrormeister George A. Romero and the star of MARTIN, CREEPSHOW, KNIGHTRIDERS and DAWN OF THE DEAD John Amplas at this year’s double-feature fear-fest! George was one of our favorite and most popular Fest guests of the past and we’re thrilled to have John join us for screenings this year of both 1982’s CREEPSHOW– he portrayed the EC-inspired grave-crawling Nathan Grantham, ever on the vengeful quest for his Father’s Day cake– and the titular vampiric role in 1978’s MARTIN, George’s personal favorite of all his films!

The Exotic Ones logoThrills, chills, laughs and spills (of the red variety) will rule the night as the Doc and his ghouls and boys entertain the crowd and a few surprise guests who *might* just shamble forth into the audience to liven things up… Be there or be on the menu…


Sunday Night June 3rd
7:30 p.m. at the hotel:

WonderFest Wrap Party ’18

Don’t miss …Food and drink, plus exclusive programming!

Kick back and celebrate the close of an incredible WonderFest weekend. Choose to eat at the event ala carte, take advantage of the cash bar, or just come for the fun programming! It’s a chance to hang with friends before everyone heads home for another year. Besides the customary presentations to our guests, we’ll have special programs lined up for the evening—to be announced.

‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Radio Show LIVE!

“In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy logoA live performance. The original radio plays, episodes two and four, will be presented by The Actors of Unusual Size. The cast: Nathan Baldwin, co-producer/director (The Book, Deep Thought, et al); Dana Hope, co-producer/director (Trillian, et al); Topher Smith (Ford Prefect, et al); Brent Rose (Arthur Dent; et al); Marc McHone (Marvin, Slartibartfast, et al); Bob Watters (Zaphod Beeblebrox; et al); ML McIntosh (Eddie the Computer, et al).

The Wrap Party ticket price is only $8 by keeping the food and drink ala carte. Tentative food items for purchase include:

  • BBQ pork sandwich
  • Hot dogs/chili dogs
  • Chicken wraps
  • Grilled breast of chicken
  • Tater tots & loaded tater tots
  • Cole slaw
  • Cup of chili with crackers

Plus a cash bar.

Tickets are just $8 per person, sold at Admissions and at the door.

Food and drink sold separately.