Learn modeling techniques from other great modelers!

AIRBRUSH 101 at WonderFest 2021:

Free 75-minute airbrush classes!

Airbrush 101: Learn the basics of airbrush operation and maintenance in these 75-minute, hands-on sessions sponsored by Iwata-Medea and presented by the qualified instructors at TAG Team Hobbies. Use an Eclipse CS airbrush and ComArt paints to get your airbrush engine going! All supplies like hoses and regulators and materials provided.

Class is offered three times Saturday and three more times on Sunday. Seating is limited to 12 per session. >>Sign up now at this email link or take your chances on any seating left at class time.

Go from “I can’t do that” to “Do we have to stop?” in 75 minutes!

FIGURES and HARDWARE modeling demos:

Free 60- to 120-minute skills demos!

WonderFest continues our commitment to the art of model making with an packed demo lineup! Talks will last an hour, (or even two) and are planned to focus on major modeling topics and skills demonstrations. Some will allow the viewers to try the techniques shown.

We are again using VIDEO ASSIST, ensuring EVERYONE gets a great view of the work being done!

Remember, all times are TENTATIVE. Please check the Pocket Guide at the show and any signs posted at the demo rooms.

2021 Figure Demos

2019’s demos are shown below as an example until we get the 2021 list.

All times are approximate. There is a 15-minute break between all demos, and some may run over.

Saturday, June 5th

Noon-2:00My First Resin Kit "Crazy Joe" Nejberger
2:00-3:00Mighty Minis Part IIIMaya Morland
3:00-4:00Difficult ColoursRoss Waddell
4:00-5:00Crazy Joe's Color Lab"Crazy Joe" Nejberger

Sunday, June 6th

9:00-10:00Sunday Morning Dinosaur“Crazy Joe” Nejberger
10:00-11:00It's ElementalJim Capone
11:00-NoonFleshtone EnhancementsAnnya Shetinina
Noon-1:00Airbrush Cleaning and Maintenance“Crazy Joe” Nejberger

NOON – 2.00PM “My First Resin Kit” – “Crazy Joe” Nejberger
If you’re new to resin kits, you would be wise to spend these two hours with WonderFest’s “Crazy Joe” as he presents all the stuff you need to know, have and purchase before you dig into that expensive grail kit you just bought in the Dealer’s Room! Practical techniques in building and painting for the novice modeler will be demonstrated- If you’re just getting started with Garage Kits, you don’t wanna miss this!

2.00PM – 3.00PM “Mighty Minis Part III” – Maya Morland
Maya Morland of The Morland Sudio revisits once again the marvelous miniatures universe – She will have a brief overview of the most common miniature painting techniques, and an in-depth demonstration on painting easy faces as well as helpful tips and tricks to make your miniature painting easier and more rewarding!

3.00PM – 4.00PM “Difficult Colours” – Ross Waddell
Do you get The Yips with Yellow? Rage over Red? Bummed over Blue? Never fear, award-winning modeler and WonderFest Staff member Ross Waddell demonstrates how to tackle those challenging colours, and more, including shading and highlighting. You’ll feel like surfing the Colour Wheel after an hour with Ross!!!

4.00PM – 5.00PM “Crazy Joe’s Colour Lab” – “Crazy Joe” Nejberger
Close out your WonderFest Saturday with a virtual trip into the “JoeJoe” Dojo as he demonstrates his approach to custom colours, custom transparents, and how to apply them. Expand your capabilities with some CJ time!

9.00AM – 10.00AM – “Sunday Morning Dinosaur” – “Crazy Joe” Nejberger
A WonderFest tradition continues Sunday Morning with one of the impresarios of the prehistoric, who will turn back the geological time clock to share with you and your dino-passions! If your muse goes to the Mesozoic, if you jones the Jurassic, pine over the Permian, fancy a Triassic tryst, or simply crave the Cretaceous, Painting and assembly will be the primary focus as you enjoy your morning coffee with Crazy Joe as he runs the gamut on all topics Dinosaur!

10.00AM – 11.00PM – “It’s ELEMENTAL” – Jim Capone
Air, Fire, Earth and Water – the scientists of yore believed the universe was made wholly of these four elements – Of course, we now  know there’s more than that, but in modelling – those elements factor BIG in our presentations – Master Jim takes you through the traditional table of classical elements that will make you an alchemist of modelling art!!!

11.00AM – NOON – “Fleshtone Enhancements” – Annya Shetinina

You know her from internet group posts, and her remarkable builds here at WonderFest – Join us in welcoming the mega-talented Annya for her very first Wonderfest demo program as she shows how she approaches flesh tone enhancements, with emphasis on pastels, and a lean to Anime subjects, a long ignored subject here at The ‘Fest!!! You need to be here if you need to temper your tones!!!

Noon – 1.00PM – “Airbrush Cleaning and Maintenance” – “Crazy Joe” Nejberger filling in for Tom Grossman and the TAG TEAM
So, you’ve made the plunge and bought an airbrush and you’re ready to live happily ever after with your new mystery tool – you probably WILL if you follow these important cleaning and maintenance methods CJ learned from Mr. Airbrush himself – Remember, your airbrushing will only be as good as the cleanliness of your mystery tool! Very important class to attend if you wanna be a better brush!

2021 Hardware Demos

2019’s demos are shown below as an example until we get the 2021 list

All times are approximate. There is a 15-minute break between all demos, and some may run over.

Saturday, June 5th

10:00-11:30Intro to DesignJason Eaton/Mike Salzo
Noon-1:30Fire Photon Torpedoes!Ross Waddell
2:00-3:30I bought this, How The Hell Do I Use It?Mark Yungblut/Terry Miesle
4:00-5:00Testing Your Metal - Working with PhotoetchPaul Bodensiek

Sunday, June 6th

9:45-10:45Manufacturing Kits, Garage StyleRandy Cooper
11:00-12:30You Can Download ItKirk Kirkland
1:00-2:30Custom 3D Modeling For K’Tinga Class Battle CruiserStephen Burns

10AM-11:30AM “Intro to Design” — Jason Eaton and Mike Salzo
Have you ever wondered how to take a 2D sketch or design into the real world? Are you wanting to sharpen your digital and analog skills? Mike Salzo and Jason Eaton will thrill you with their knowledge on these and other subjects, maybe!
Mike will focus on his many years as a scratchbuilder using tried and true hands on modeling skills and techniques. Jason will try to demystify Rhino and 3D printing, and show how to make a cold heartless machine do your bidding – If he can learn this, any one can!

Noon-1:30PM “Fire Photon Torpedoes!” — Ross Waddell
Use Arduino to add photon torpedo firing effect to your Polar Lights Klingon K’Tinga model. This will be a more advanced look at coding with Arduino but we’ll quickly go over the basics to ensure no one is left behind.

2PM-3:30PM “I bought this, How The Hell Do I Use It?” — Mark Yungblut and Terry Miesle
Commercial Washing and Weathering products reviewed and tested. Terry and Mark do the work so you don’t have to!

4PM-5PM “Testing Your Metal – Working with Photoetch” — Paul Bodensiek
It may look daunting, but you already have most of the skills necessary to add photoetched details to your model kits. Paul will show you how use your existing skill set (and introduce a few, rarely used techniques) to take your details to the next level.

9:45AM-10:45PM “Manufacturing Kits, Garage Style” — Randy Cooper
Description TBA.

11AM-12:30PM “You Can Download It” — Kirk Kirkland
How to use 3d printing with free files from the internet. Showing all aspects of 3d printing both SLA and FDM making film replicas.

1PM-2:30PM Stephen Burns — Custom 3D Modeling For K’Tinga Class Battle Cruiser
Want to see how to add unique features to your Klingon starship? Stephen will share his philosophy and approach to creating custom 3D printed parts for your own K’Tinga Class starship build.