LIS Robot

All weekend 10am-5pm
Free to paid WonderFest attendees

Slap on your Power Packs and roll into the world of Lost in Space!

Visit the coolest fan-built LOST IN SPACE robot replicas this side of Priplanus, take photos in a gorgeous recreation of the Jupiter 2’s Flight Deck, see original show props, and more!

Best of all, you’ll meet actress Marta Kristen, the original “Judy Robinson” from the classic series! Also featuring special guest Michael Panzorotto as “Dr. Smith” and artist Ron Gross!

This special area at WonderFest lets the B9 Robot Builders share their hand-crafted, museum quality replicas with other builders and, of course s-f fans in general. During the event they’ll exchange building techniques with other builders, establish great friendships and have an absolute blast doing it.

Sponsored by SciFiMetropolis, the B9 Robot Builders Club, and The Jupiter Experience.

The group was recently featured on “Collector’s Call” on MeTV. Take a look!

Lost in Space Exhibit