Saturday June 1st All Day
Entry fee will be $5

Calling all cosplayers: New competition will spice-up Saturday at WF!

If you’ve been to WonderFest you’ve seen the fantastic cosplayers who add an element of fun and color every year. Join in the fun of competition! Again in 2019, we’re having the Wicked WonderFest Hallway Cosplay Contest all day on Saturday.

Entry forms will be sold Friday night from 5-8pm and again Saturday morning at 11am. Contestants will be required to fill out a participation form that certifies they are entering the contest, and each form will have a time slot for the contestant to be judged.

Categories will be broken down into three; Master, Intermediate, and Novice.

  • Master: Contestant shows advanced proficiency in both costume design and craftsmanship.
  • Intermediate: Contestant shows proficiency in a form work (armor, sewing, or design)
  • Novice: Contestant is brand new to cosplay.

Note: If contestant has an oversized costume they should bring a handler for moving through crowded hallways and doorways.


Judges will ask questions about your costume, bring a reference picture to help judge accuracy. Judging will be a 5-point scale for quality, accuracy/originality, visual effect, and effort for a total of 20 points from each judge. Please be honest and detailed about anything asked. Judges reserve the right to move you into another category if appropriate skill is shown.

Judging will start Saturday at 1pm and will finish at 4pm or when the last contestant has been judged. Awards will be handed out at 5:30pm in the hallway near the model contest room. Trophies will be handed out to the winners of each category.


  • No nudity (full or partial). This is a kid friendly show!
  • No special effects or projectiles. For safety of the other guest and contestants. The hallway will be crowded.
  • All prop weapons must conform to the weapons policy, see below.
  • No play fighting or rough housing. Using props in a potentially harmful manner is prohibited at all times.
  • No inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. Vulgar language/harassment and Unwanted touching needs to be reported to staff and security to be dealt with. This is a kid friendly event and needs to stay that way.

Weapons policy

  • All props must be inspected by WonderFest staff.
  • No functioning projectile weapons, such as nerf guns, squirt guns, or silly-string guns (must be unloaded). Bows are allowed without arrows.
  • No live steel. Anything with a sharp edge is strictly prohibited! All handled weapons must be made of foam, wood, cardboard, resin, or hard non-sharpened plastic; and may not be used in any threatening manner.