Writer, director, designer; The Eagle Obsession

Jeffrey Morris returns to WonderFest to discuss his feature length documentary, THE EAGLE OBSESSION.

Join the exploration of a fascinating cultural phenomenon. The legacy of the Eagle Transporter from Space: 1999 reflects the dreams of a generation. It also embodies a nostalgia for a future that never occurred, yet still resonates today. THE EAGLE OBSESSION is a visually stunning feature-length documentary that follows sci-fi creator Jeffrey Morris as he investigates the origins of the iconic vessel and the ongoing global impact of a unique moment in human history—when people walked on the Moon.

Jeffrey will be joined at WonderFest by actor Nick Tate (“Alan Carter” on Space: 1999) as well as several members of the documentary production crew.

Jeffrey’s appearance is sponsored by the Space: 1999 Props & Ships Facebook Group.

Learn more about THE EAGLE OBSESSION.

You can read more about Jeffrey at his website.