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A weekend of wonder in Louisville!

WonderFest is a weekend of hobby escape that’s held every Summer in Louisville, Kentucky USA!

Now in its 31st year, WonderFest features movie special effects guests, the largest model contest in the U.S. for sci-fi, horror & comics-related subjects, model and toy dealers galore, and seminars to entertain and improve hobbyists of all ages!

It’s always held at our mothership, the Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Hotel, 830 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY 40209.


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Actress, Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise, Mad About You, Everybody Loves Raymond, Dinosaurs



Special FX & Creature Design, Alien 3, Starship Troopers, Jurassic World, Tremors



Writer, Director, Producer: Star Trek, Jedi, Muppets, Dinosaurs



Actor, Writer, Animator, Producer, Director: Creepshow, I Hate Kids, Mary Poppins Returns



Paleo Artist & Production Design, Return of the Living Dead


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Sold at the door only.
Adults: $33 for 1-day, $48 for 2-days.
Ages 4 to 12: $12 for 1-day, $18 for 2-days
Age 3 and under free.
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Hotel & Restaurant

Special WonderFest room rates at the Crowne: $132 per night for up to 4 people! It’s convenient to stay in the show hotel with an award-winning restaurant
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Louisville Attractions

Bring your family and take extra time to visit exciting tourism sites in and around Louisville. Go exploring the Bourbon Trails and more.
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Greatest in the World for Imaginative Modelers!

The WonderFest “Amazing” Model Contest is focused on all types of science-fiction, horror and comics models. It’s the biggest contest of its type in America, and it’s fun to look at even if you don’t build models yourself!

The contest is sponsored by Amazing Figure Modeler magazine, which is providing a special $300 award for the Most Amazing Figure!

Entry Hours:  Saturday, June 5th, from 8 a.m. ’til Noon

  • $10.00 per first 2 models for adults, up to 8 additional entries free
  • $8.00 per first 2 models for teens, up to 8 add’l entries free (ages 13-19)
  • Free for ages 12 & under

With over 823 entries in 2019, it took up the entire ballroom and featured some of the best modeling we’ve ever seen.


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How-To Demos

All weekend! Learn techniques from other great modelers! Demos last from 30 minutes to an hour. Become a better modeler!
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Iron Modeler

Teams are given a “base model,” a big pile of parts, and 4 hours to build the craziest model with only what they’ve got. Best model & presentation wins!
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The Rondo Awards

5pm Saturday! Fandom’s only classic horror awards—decided by fans. Recognize the best in print, film, web, art, media, toys and models!
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Sunday Wrap Party

Sunday night at 7:30 celebrate the end of the show with exclusive programming! Optional a la carte food and cash bar.
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We all got "Tricked" this year... No Wonderfest!!😭😭😭

5 months ago
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Comment on Facebook

I'll be there.

See you next year, I still have to call the hotel and cancel my room.

See you next year everyone 😁

Everyone stay safe and we will gather next year!

Can't wait.

See everyone next year

Looking forward to it.

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5 months ago
Hello everyone. First let me say that I apologize that it has taken a while to get back to you with new information. We have been working to try and figure out how things were going to progress along and of course that has been extremely difficult given this present situation. So I thank you for your patience in this matter.

I will be direct. WonderFest 2020 is cancelled. The uncertainty of these times and the difficulties they have created have made it impossible for us to have a viable show. When I moved the show in hopes that things will improve I simply could not predict that the current situation would be upon us. I tried to make a leap of faith in order to still have a show, but it has not worked out that way.

I wanted to let you all know before any more time went on. For those of you who were still planning on coming, in spite of everything going on around us, I can only say that I am grateful for your loyalty in still wanting to try. And for those of you who said that regretfully you would be unable to come due to the continuing risk, I say to you I understand and I’m still grateful for your loyalty as well.

To our dealers, your tables will be automatically rolled over to our June 5-6, 2021 show. The spots you have chosen will be preserved. You will not need to take any action to make sure this happens.

To those with hotel reservations, I will let you know if they will be automatically canceled again or if you will have to cancel them yourselves. I will do that as soon as the hotel gets word to me on the subject. I hope to have that information very quickly.

I want to let all of you know how much the WonderFest team and I have I’ve appreciated your support over the years and through this difficult time. Till we see you next, continue to pursue your love of the hobby. Stay healthy and safe!

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Comment on Facebook

If it makes you feel any better, no show is still better than that year at the Kentucky Expo Center... 🥵

Thanks Dave for the update. I understand the reasoning to cancel the show but I can't help feeling sad and disappointed. My Brother Richard and I have attended every single Wonderfest, all of them, from August of 1990 until 2019. We have also entered model kits in every Amazing Model Contest! This show was the one thing I looked forward to every year and planned my vacations around. What you and the Wonderfest crew have done over the years to put on such a awesome event in support our hobby means so much and really added to my quality of life. All of the good times and memories I have had at Wonderfest over the last 30 years has really made a difference in my life. As Bob Hope used to say: "Thanks for the memories" and the models!

Best call, Dave. I know it was a tough one but we totally understand. Looking forward to the next show!

Better to be safe than have someone get sick. See you next year!

Thank you for the announcement, Dave. I would have been unable to make it in October, though I am sorry that others won't be able to enjoy what has become the highlight of my year.

Thank you for making every effort to carry on with the show this year, and for keeping the safety of everyone at the forefront. You made the right decision.

Oh, dang. I understand, tho had planned to make it in October. Might still just come up for the weekend and see friends in the area, anyhow.

A completely understandable and reasonable decision. I will miss the show this year, but that will cause me to appreciate the next Wonderfest even more.

Dave, first of all, a huge "thank you" to you and all of the folks that make WonderFest the fantastic event that it is. Your dedication to the show and the fans of this hobby is fantastic, to say the least. I have been hoping that the show would have a chance to go forward, but as I've been watching announcements of other fall events being cancelled, including most college campus in-person classes, I knew it was only a matter of time. I will look forward to attending in two years. My youngest daughter is graduating from high school next June, so WonderFest is a "no go". Oh, well! That gives me two years to pull together entries for the model contest!

Thanks for the update! Bummer, but understandable - looking forward to the triumphant and safe return in 2021. Let's support those vendors, in the meantime - WonderFest is fun for us, but it's a business, too, and if we support our vendors now, the greater the chances they'll be with us next year! Maybe this year, the WonderFest site should have links to the vendors, along with articles and podcasts from guests and the industry - not everybody knows where all their favorite vendors' sites are.

Thank you, Dave. I know how hard you and everyone on the WF team have been working, and here's to June 2021 being a great reunion.

This will be our first year since 1991 not making the annual trek to Louisville! So disappointing, but not unexpected. Thank you for trying to make it happen!! Much appreciated.

A great shame Dave, but a good move. The safety and enjoyment of the show will continue again. Here's to 2021. Thank you.

As sad as this is, it is not unexpected. I was all for going to the postponed show when it was originally rescheduled. We all thought we would be through to the other side of this crap by that time. As things have continued to not get better, I had a sinking feeling that the show would not be able to go on. With spacing issues, attendance guidelines, travel restrictions, and everything else, I just couldn't see any way you guys would be able to make it work. 🙁 To 2021. The show we will all appreciate that much more.

Dave, though we are sad to receive the news of cancellation, we do fully understand the difficulties. We will miss, and do miss our WonderFest family....the dealers, the regular attendees, and "especially" the staff, ..many of which are like a second family to us if only for a few short days every year. Heck, we'll even sort of miss your fantastic singing at wrap-up time. 😀 Thanks for all of your efforts. Much appreciated. Here's to a Fantastic reunion in 2021!

Thanks Dave and staff for doing a great job. I can’t wait for next year and hopefully many more.

I'll wait. When it's safe, I will always attend this very well-run show. 👍 Meeting celebrities without hugs or close contact photos just wouldn't be the same...

Sorry sign of the times. Totally understand. We'll do our best to see you in June!

A very difficult decision I'm sure, but also I think the best considering everything. Thanks for looking out for everyone- better to wait till 2021 and get to see everyone then. Looking forward to it!

You guys are the best! Thanks for trying to keep the show going by changing the dates. Completely understand why the show had to be cancelled. 🙂

Dave, I hope you have room for 2 years worth of entries in the contest room! Thanks for making the hard call and I know next year will be doubly special 🖖

Thanks for letting us know and a BIG thank you for trying to put one on this year. I will definitely be there in 2021! By the way what is 2021 dates for the show?

Many thanks to you and the staff for trying to do everything you could to hold a show this year. No one could have predicted that we would be in the state we're currently in. I'm genuinely sorry that everything has worked out the way it has, and while this is the right choice, it still absolutely sucks. Lets hope that 2021 will be a better year.

Thanks for the update. As I was planning to come from Canada I was watching the situation carefully and have doubted that the boarder would be open in time for the show.

Good call .will miss you all .but 2021 show will be great every one stay healthy and safe .jimmy

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8 months ago
Hello all. This is Dave Hodge with you again. I’ve seen a lot of posts about folks expressing their sadness that we are not having our annual gathering.
Believe me I feel your pain as I miss seeing so many of you and the happiness that you have at our show. Every post I see reminds me of how this is important to you, and how much the hobby means to so many. As many of you have shown in support there was just no way that we could do the show at this time. I do not know the course that this present nightmare will take, but I am in hopes that perhaps by the end of October I will see many of your smiling faces again. Mainly I wanted to express my sincere humbleness at the support that so many are showing for the show and it’s continuance. I will tell you now that even if October doesn’t happen (we are going to do everything we can to make it go and safely) I have already contracted with the hotel for the following June in our regular slot. This is because of the love and support so many of you have expressed in both public and private. After seeing this how could I not?  We shall persevere, we will gather again, sooner or later, but we will! Stay healthy and safe all!
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Comment on Facebook

I am so very sad but hopeful. But yeah SUPER sad.

Onward and upward, Dave. We'll support WF no matter when it happens. But I'm just gonna go ahead and say see you in October.

David Hodge, you have our full support!! Thanks for all you do!!

Maybe in the Fall. I really appreciate the sensitivity and thoughtfulness that the W'Fest organizers have shown as the pandemic rages. Stay safe and thoughtful out there!

Hope to see everyone in October, I would be leaving tomorrow with stops at the Armstrong Museum and the Museum of the Air Force in Ohio. Stay strong, stay healthy, stay alive!!

Well Dave all I can say is I’m there with you buddy no matter what!! It’ll just give me more time to get some Playset/ Dios together! Stay safe my friend and all the Wonderfesters out there! Oh what a good time we’ll have when we do get together!!⚓️🇺🇸

I look forward to this trip every year, I cannot wait for the entire Wonderfest crew to be back together again. Thanks for the update Dave.

Looking forward to whatever comes our way Dave.

Better safe than sorry. Hopefully October will work out.

Make WF a full week next year to make up for this year.

Will miss all the fun b hopefully October will happen with a bang!!

Drove by today and saw the venue from work... Missing it for this weekend

Stay safe Dave! See you in October!

See you in October, Dave

Is October off?? I hadn’t heard?? I rebooked the Hotel already

I can’t wait! See you in October!

I literally plan my year around Wonderfest. I keep thinking today that I'd be with my friend Steve somewhere in Illinois right now (probably at a Steak n Shake) on the drive to Louisville. I desperately hope I can make it in October. I'll definitely be parked in front of my computer all weekend for want a fest. And have my zoom meeting background all picked out.

In honor of where I'd be this weekend, I'm spending this time actually building and painting models! I haven't done this in many years, but having a blast with the old Aurora kits. I don't have an option to post a photo here, but you can go to my page and see how I expressed my love for WF!

I always, half seriously, half jokingly, that I plan my year around Wonderfest. But I really find myself missing the rush of getting ready for the show, and experiencing the "Wondefest Blur." So, there is a bit of a gap right now. But I know it is going to make the October event memorable and 2021 even better. I'm going to do my damndest to slow down a little, chat a little more, and be grateful when we do come together. Thanks to Dave and to all the Wonderfest staff for bringing the hobbiests of the world together. We are a big family. See you soon.

My phone reminded me that tomorrow I should be in Louisville. Bummed that I had to tell it no.

Alex says he will be there even if he has to wear my old chem gear. 😉

It’s just weird being this time of year and no WF

So it’s about 8 weeks out! Are we still on track?

What will happen if the boarders are still closed. ?

can we get another update, if you have any??

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9 months ago
Ever wanted to explore a "Vendor Hall" at home in your jammies? Want-A-Fest comes to the rescue again. May 28-June 1.
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