There’s always so much to do at WonderFest!

The days are packed with events. Once the show closes at 5, we fill the nights with events, too.

Friday Daytime: Pre-Show Workshops

Badger & Black Heart logos

Badger/Black Heart
Airbrushing & Model Finishing Class

9am-3pm – Spend a day learning to paint on a fantastic work of art!

The class will feature Black Heart’s 1:2 scale Death Dealer bust; Badger Airbrush Co. paint and equipment; and 6 hours of airbrushing and model-finishing instruction.

Cost is $375-$425 per person, depending on your options.

Spray Gunner logo

CANCELLED:  SprayGunner/Palkow
Painting Beskar with Kenney

SprayGunner has notified us that, due to a myriad of circumstances, this class has been cancelled. 

It’s a day-long workshop on Friday, June 3rd, from 9am-3pm. The day starts with a 2-hour presentation by master propmaker Ken Palkow.

This workshop presented by SprayGunner will focus on the techniques used to recreate the amazing metal finishes such as that kick @*! Beskar and other metallics using the Createx Colors line of paints without breaking the bank!

Three differently-priced packages are offered between $75 to $700 per person. Follow the link below to learn more and sign up!

AFM logo

AFM’s Model Boot Camp SOLD OUT!

9am to 5pm – Come for the instruction, leave with the knowledge!

SOLD OUT!  This year’s AFM Bootcamp has sold out! If you would like to be added to our waiting list for any cancellation openings, email AFM.

Robots will rule this painting class headed up by GK Master Artist Steve Riojas. The painting subject is a Commemorative Iron Giant bust conceived and sculpted by Master Sculptor Tony Cipriano.

The class will run from 9am to 5pm on Friday June 3rd. Cost is $285 per person, and includes the bust, as well as all the brushes, paints and other supplies.

Seats are limited.

Iwata/TAG TEAM logo

TAG Team/Iwata’s Dino 201

9 am-4 pm – An art class 65 million years in the making!

Dino 201 is presented by TAG Team Hobbies and instructed by Shane Foulkes of Cretaceous Creations Studio. Note the 201: This is not a beginner class; some airbrushing experience is required!

Learn techniques used by Shane to paint up a 1/35 Big Mike Cretaceous Creations Studios Triceratops kit. You keep your painted up Big Mike and the Student Supply Pack of paints and other supplies. Use the Iwata HP CS airbrushes provided or get yourself some new equipment!

$300 for the class limited to the first 20 paid registrations.

Preregister by emailing Tom Grossman:

3D starship image

3D Modeling for 3D Printing Using Blender

9 am-5 pm – Take a deep dive in learning how to build in Blender!

Instructor Stephen Burns has structured a class that will quickly get you up to speed with Blender 3D. Now for WonderFest 2022 you have the opportunity to get involved with learning how to use 3D to create your visions with this full day class.

Blender 3D is an opensource 3D software package that allows you to build, texture, animate, create effects and 3D print. And it is amazing!! Top animators appear to be gravitating to Blender as their personal software to create with. This class will focus on getting to know Blender 3D as a software and how to build, texture and render your 3D visions.

Cost is $129 per person.

Saturday-Sunday Daytime 


Two SOLD OUT Dealer Rooms!

Dealer iconOpen 10 am till 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Dealers from around the world will be set up at more than 160 tables.

Early Bird tickets are available to get in two hours early on Saturday morning. See the Admissions booth.

B9 Builders Club | Lost in Space

10 am-5 pm both days – in Dealer Room A

B9 Builders Club iconDANGER! DANGER! Slap on your Power Packs and roll into the world of Lost in Space!

This special area at WonderFest lets you see the B9 Builders Club’s display of their own hand-crafted, life-size LOST IN SPACE robots, meet artist Ron Gross, and get ‘lost’ in a gorgeous recreation of the Jupiter II’s Flight Deck. Best of all, you can meet and get an autograph from actress Marta Kristen, the original Judy Robinson from the classic series!

The B9 Builders Club and Lost in Space affiliations are sponsored by SciFiMetropolis!

501st Legion 25 years emblem

501st Legion | Bluegrass Garrison

We’re so happy to welcome the members of the 501st Legion – Bluegrass Garrison.

You’ve seen the 501st on the Mandalorian series as well as adding a distinctively Star Wars presence at our past shows! They add a life-size element amid all the model-scale ones on display.

The Bluegrass Garrison will also be collecting donations for Norton Children’s Hospital.


10 am-5 pm both days – in Dealer Room B

Kogar's Korner logo

Props, monsters, art and costumes…and the stuff that (scary) dreams are made of!

This year we’ll have an “Empire Strikes Back” 40th anniversary exhibit of models. We were unable to host this in 2021 on the actual anniversary, but the extra time just made the presentation more extraordinary.

Kogar’s Korner

Our annual exhibit tables in Dealer Room B, inspired by the collection of Bob Burns! Thanks to collector Tony Hardy and his talented friends, Kogar’s Korner will have plenty of eye candy on display. Item will include BABYLON 5, COMMANDO CODY, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE OUTER LIMITS, THE TIME MACHINE, JAWS, V, and STAR TREK.

art of two raffle tickets

Charity Raffle & Auction

Open Saturday 11 am–5 pm, Sunday 10 am–5 pm – in Dealer Room A

Every year at WonderFest there’s a Raffle and Silent Auction to benefit worthwhile charities. This incredible effort has raised more than $22,000–while hobbyists have taken home startling goodies–thanks to the generosity of many donors and friends of WonderFest.

Guest Talks!

Guest Presentations

icon of Vulcan presenter with audience

10 am-5 pm both days in the Upstairs Theaters

Every year our industry guests do presentations, participate in panel discussions, and do audience Q&As!

A schedule will be posted in the days leading up to the show.

How-To Demos
All Weekend

How-To Demos for Figure and Hardware Modelers 

WonderFest demo logoThese FREE presentations by modelers change every year and usually last from 30 minutes to an hour, (or even two). Focus is on major topics and skills demonstrations. Some will allow the viewers to go hands-on and try the techniques shown.

Two tracks are offered: One for figure modelers and one for vehicle/hardware modelers.

A list of demos topics and times will be posted closer to the show date.

Airbrush 101

SAT: 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm; SUN: 11 am, 1pm

Iwata logo

During WonderFest weekend, sign up for one of six FREE 75-minute, hands-on classes (limit 12 students each class), staged and sponsored by Iwata. No charge for WonderFest attendees.

Follow this email link to sign up >>

Make & Take for Kids 16 & Under

Saturday-only: 11 am–1 pm & 2–4 pm in the Elliott Room

Black Heart- Kaiju

Kids ages 16 and under can learn how to paint a model—and then take it home.

A great place for beginners to try model painting without fear. Best of all, it’s free!  First-time modelers age 16 and under can learn to paint a model using acrylic paints—with help from a crew of patient and experienced volunteers—and then take the finished model home!

Thanks to Black Heart Models for providing small resin busts this year! And to Kaiju Modeler and WonderFest for supplying paint, brushes, and hairdryers to speed the process.

There’s no better way to bring a new generation into our fantastic hobby!

Friday-Saturday-Sunday Night Programs


Iwata/TAG TEAM logoTAG Team/Iwata Airbrush Party

7:00 pm – Madison Room

Chat with TAG Team staff members! Try Iwata equipment! Show your models!
Test drive the new Iwata Takumi Eclipse side feed airbrush with a larger trigger pad and shorter front end for more responsive performance. Preset handle, two piece easy clean up side feed cups!
Meet the illustrious Shane Foulkes of Cretaceous Creation Studios. Get a preview of some of his latest works.
Do you use an Iwata? Bring some build ups to show! We’ll be there to receive models for display starting at 6:30. Please plan to retrieve your display model by 10:30.
See you there!

Contact for more info.

Free to all WonderFest attendees.

Friday Nite GrindhouseFriday Night | WonderFest Grindhouse

8 pm – Upstairs Theater

BLACK ROSES with Frank Dietz and the Louisville Gore Club! 

The Louisville Gore Club cranks up the WonderFest Grindhouse experience again this year with their Friday Night Frights presentation of 1988’s outrageous BLACK ROSES, co-starring ‘fest regular Frank Dietz as the aptly-named (snort) Johnny Pratt!  It’s Satanic Metal vs conservative parental types in a battle of the bands that also features Sal Viviano, genre legend Julie Adams, real-life rocker Carmine Appice and lots of foam latex monsters.  Throw up those devil horns and get ready to bang your heads, gorefreaks!

Free to all WonderFest attendees.


The Rondo Awards: Fan-voted and presented at WonderFest!

Saturday, 4 pm in Upstairs Theater A

Fandom’s only classic horror awards decided by fans, for fans!

Rondo "I Voted" Button
We’re happy to welcome David Colton and company back to WonderFest for their live awards presentation for the best in print, film, web, art, media, toys and models… in short, just about everything that makes our monstrous world go ’round!

So make a date with Rondo for Saturday evening. Seating starts at 4 pm in Upstairs Theater A.

Learn more about the much-coveted acromegalics at

Are you an IRON MODELER?

Saturday 6 pm-10 pm

Iron Modeler logoIt’s like ‘Iron Chef,’ but with models!

Eight 3-person teams are given a “base item” (could be a kit, could be a random item), a big pile of parts, greeblies and assorted castaway household items, and 4 hours to build the best model they can out of what they’ve got. A spray booth and paints are provided as well, but teams need to bring any glue or tools. At the end of four hours, the models are judged and the Iron Modeler champion team is crowned, giving them bragging rights for the next year. Oh, and there’s prizes too.

Official start time is 6pm, but you can arrive any time after 5:30 to setup your table. Teams should arrive no later than 5:45. If your team is not there by the 6pm start time, another team will your place.

If you have any problems with the link below, just email John Lester.

Saturday Night in the Upstairs Theater:


ST II premiered 40 years ago this very WonderFest weekend, and there’s no better way to celebrate the appearance of its acclaimed director Nicholas Meyer than this free screening of his approved DIRECTOR’S CUT!  Long-hailed as the best of the STAR TREK features, The Wrath of Khan literally saved the franchise in that super genre summer of ’82, and extended and expanded the careers of all the souls involved in this smart, literary and deeply felt meditation on friendship, family, vengeance(!) and boldly going beyond all expectations!

AND…after a brief intermission…

Chiller Cinema LIVE!

9:30PM – Chiller Cinema (finally) presents THE MONSTER CLUB!

Bumped by the foul pestilence for a couple of years, our very own Doctor Gangrene returns with a vengeance to screen what was originally planned for our fearful 2020 outing, 1981’s British horror anthology THE MONSTER CLUB!  The last film from legendary Hammer director Roy Ward Baker and Amicus producer Milton Subotsky, and starring old-school horror icons Vincent Price and John Carradine, the movie marked a passing of the torch between previous decades of fun frightmakers and the new wave of the 1980s.  A cult favorite filled with ghoulish fun and transitional tunes that the Doc’s been itching to show for quite a while, it’ll be a celebration of old friends and new, complete with surprise guests and special prize giveaways!


Sunday Wrap PartyWonderFest 2022 Wrap Party & Live Entertainment

Sunday at 7:30 pm in the Upstairs Theater

Food and drink, plus exclusive programming!

Grab your quadrotriticale and a beverage at the WonderFest Wrap Party!

Our SCRIPTS GONE WILD lunatics will present a live table reading of the classic STAR TREK episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Watch Frank Dietz, Dana Hope, Kirk R. Thatcher, Rico E. Anderson, Daren Dochterman, Beau Kaelin, John Goodwin, Ryan Doom, Linda Wylie, and Tribble Wrangler Melinda Angstrom as they face Klingons, saboteurs, bar fights and, of course, lots and lots of Tribbles!

The WonderFest team will present tributes and door prizes. It’s one last chance to relax with friends before everyone heads home.

Tickets are just $9 per person, sold at Admissions and at the door.

Food and drink sold separately.