There’s always so much to do at WonderFest!

The days are packed with events. Once the show closes at 5, we fill the nights with events, too.

Friday Daytime: Pre-Show Workshops

Badger & Black Heart logos

Badger/Black Heart
Airbrushing & Model Finishing Class

9am-3pm – Spend a day learning to paint on a fantastic work of art!

SOLD OUT! Registration is now closed!

The painting subject for the class will be Black Heart’s Creature from the Black Lagoon…14 inches of amphibian fury… sculpted by Chris Elizardo.  The headliners for the class will again be Gordon Oberman and Jeff Camp.

Two packages are available starting from $360.

AFM logo

TWO AFM Model Boot Camps

9am-5pm — Come for the instruction, leave with the knowledge!

Open to modelers of all levels. Seating capacity is very limited.

Boot Camp Class 1 — $295 per student
Steve Riojas will lead this class in painting Black Heart’s 1/4 scale Pumpkinhead bust using a set of quality paints and brushes–all to keep and take home.

Boot Camp Class 2 — $150 per student
Dave Prosser, AKA The Professor, will lead the class in painting the Orkus bust by Gabriel Garcia using a set of quality paints and brushes–all to keep and take home.

Follow the link below for more details on both classes.

3D starship image

Intro to Blender 3D — Bring Your Vision To Life

9 am-5 pm — Quickly get up to speed with Blender 3D!

With the guidance of instructor Stephen Burns, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to use 3D to create your visions in this full day class.

Blender 3D is an opensource 3D software package that allows you to build, texture, animate, create effects and 3D print. And it is amazing!! Top animators appear to be gravitating to Blender as their personal software to create with. This class will focus on getting to know Blender 3D as a software and how to build, texture and render your 3D visions.

Cost is $225 per person.
Prerequisites: Bring your own laptop, install Blender 3D (it’s free!), and have a mouse that has a scroll wheel for the middle button.

Iwata/TAG TEAM logo

SCI-FI MODELING SCHOOL | Episode IV: Clone Force 23
Sponsored by TAG Team & Iwata

9 am-4 pm 

SOLD OUT! Registration is now closed!

Paint an AMT STAR WARS Bad Batch Havoc Marauder! Model will be prepped and primed beforehand so you can get going. Learn to apply Aztek Dummy paint masks (provided) from Lou Dalmaso himself! Use provided equipment or buy your own new equipment! Keep your Marauder along with other Student Pack goodies from class!

NOTE: Airbrush experience strongly recommended.

Iwata instructors:  Robert “Otter” Feuillerat, Rob “Iwata Padawan” Schmitt, and Tom “The Wizard” Grossman

Four pricing tiers are available, starting from $250.

Saturday-Sunday Daytime 


Two Dealer Rooms!

Dealer iconOpen 10 am till 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Dealers from around the world will be set up at more than 160 tables.

Early Bird tickets are available to get in two hours early on Saturday morning. See the Admissions booth.

501st Legion logo

501st Legion | Bluegrass Garrison

We’re so happy to welcome the members of the 501st Legion – Bluegrass Garrison.

You’ve seen the 501st on the Mandalorian series as well as adding a distinctively Star Wars presence at our past shows! They add a life-size element amid all the model-scale ones on display.

The Bluegrass Garrison will also be collecting donations for Norton Children’s Hospital.


10 am-5 pm both days – in Dealer Room B

Kogar's Korner logo

Props, monsters, art and costumes…and the stuff that (scary) dreams are made of!

This year we’ll have a “Return of the Jedi” 40th anniversary exhibit of models. Fantastic STAR WARS things are coming!

Kogar’s Korner

Our annual exhibit tables in Dealer Room B, inspired by the collection of Bob Burns! Thanks to collector Tony Hardy and his talented friends, Kogar’s Korner will have plenty of eye candy on display.  This year’s theme is “The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen” – Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants.

art of two raffle tickets

Charity Raffle & Auction

Open Saturday 11 am–5 pm, Sunday 10 am–5 pm – in Dealer Room A

Every year at WonderFest there’s a Raffle and Silent Auction to benefit worthwhile charities. This incredible effort has raised more than $22,000–while hobbyists have taken home startling goodies–thanks to the generosity of many donors and friends of WonderFest.

Guest Talks!

Guest Presentations

icon of Vulcan presenter with audience

10 am-5 pm both days in the Upstairs Theaters

Every year our industry guests do presentations, participate in panel discussions, and do audience Q&As!

A schedule will be posted in the days leading up to the show.

How-To Demos
All Weekend

How-To Demos for Figure and Hardware Modelers 

WonderFest demo logoThese FREE presentations by modelers change every year and usually last from 30 minutes to an hour, (or even two). Focus is on major topics and skills demonstrations. Some will allow the viewers to go hands-on and try the techniques shown.

Two tracks are offered: One for figure modelers and one for vehicle/hardware modelers.

A list of demos topics and times will be posted closer to the show date.

Airbrush 101

SAT: 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm; SUN: 11 am, 1pm

Iwata logo

During WonderFest weekend, sign up for one of six FREE 75-minute, hands-on classes (limit 12 students each class), staged and sponsored by Iwata. No charge for WonderFest attendees.

Follow this email link to sign up >>

Make & Take for Kids 16 & Under

Saturday-only: 11 am–1 pm & 2–4 pm in the Elliott Room

Black Heart- Kaiju

Kids ages 16 and under can learn how to paint a model—and then take it home.

A great place for beginners to try model painting without fear. Best of all, it’s free!  First-time modelers age 16 and under can learn to paint a model using acrylic paints—with help from a crew of patient and experienced volunteers—and then take the finished model home!

Thanks to Black Heart Models for providing small resin busts this year! And to Kaiju Modeler and WonderFest for supplying paint, brushes, and hairdryers to speed the process.

There’s no better way to bring a new generation into our fantastic hobby!

Friday-Saturday-Sunday Night Programs


Iwata/TAG TEAM logoTAG Team/Iwata Airbrush Party

7:00 pm – Madison Room

Chat with TAG Team staff members! Try Iwata equipment! Show your models!
  • Test Drive Iwata Airbrushes and Compressors.
  • Try NuWorlds Paints! Formulated for plastic, metal and resin.
  • Talk with experienced Iwata representatives.
  • Meet Iwata artists and see some of their work.
Do you use an Iwata? Bring some build ups to show! We’ll be there to receive models for display starting at 6:30. Please plan to retrieve your display model by 10:30.
See you there!

Free to all WonderFest attendees.

Friday Nite Grindhouse

Friday Night | WonderFest Grindhouse

8 pm – Upstairs Theater

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare – with live commentary by guest Frank Dietz

Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare posterThe Louisville Gore Club cranks up the WonderFest Grindhouse experience again this year! Free to all WonderFest attendees with door prizes and loads of fun!

Guest Frank Dietz, who played a character in the film named “Roger Eburt,” will provide live commentary of the insane proceedings.

A hot new rock group… their sexy young girlfriends… it should’ve been the best time of their lives, but it ended up being a Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare! Recording some new music in an isolated farmhouse, the band gets more than they bargained for when something horrifying stirs in the darkness. Eternal evil haunts this place and the band members start turning into demons from Hell itself! After a day of making music – and making love – this band is starting to break up… one by one… limb by limb. The bands lead singer, John (Jon-Mikl Thor) Triton, holds the key to defeating this horror once and for all… a secret that culminates in a battle between good and evil! Triton versus the Devil himself!


The Rondo Awards: Fan-voted and presented at WonderFest!

Saturday, 4 pm in Upstairs Theater A

Fandom’s only classic horror awards decided by fans, for fans!

Rondo "I Voted" Button
We’re happy to welcome David Colton and company back to WonderFest for their live awards presentation for the best in print, film, web, art, media, toys and models… in short, just about everything that makes our monstrous world go ’round!

So make a date with Rondo for Saturday evening. Seating starts at 4 pm in Upstairs Theater A.

Learn more about the much-coveted acromegalics at

Are you an IRON MODELER?

Saturday 6 pm-10 pm

Iron Modeler logoIt’s like ‘Iron Chef,’ but with models!

Eight 3-person teams are given a “base item” (could be a kit, could be a random item), a big pile of parts, greeblies and assorted castaway household items, and four hours to build the best model they can out of what they’ve got. A spray booth and paints are provided as well, but teams need to bring any glue or tools. At the end of four hours, the models are judged and the Iron Modeler Champion Team is crowned, giving them bragging rights for the next year. Oh, and there’s prizes too.

Official start time is 6pm, but you can arrive any time after 5:30 to set up your table. Teams should arrive no later than 5:45. If your team is not there by the 6pm start time, another team will take your place.

If you have any questions, just email John Lester.


Saturday Night in the Upstairs Theater:

Chiller Cinema LIVE!

Chiller Cinema presents a double feature!

Our friendly horror host and fan fave Doctor Gangrene (Larry Underwood) presents a pair of genre favorites in his usual style with a with a cool, fun double feature!

7PM – The Tomb of Ligeia (1964)

“Even on her wedding night she must share the man she loved with the ‘female thing’ that lived in the Tomb of the Cat!”

Director Roger Corman’s considered this movie as the biggest and most exciting of all his Edgar Allan Poe adaptations. The 1964 film stars Vincent Price and Elizabeth Shepherd.

Our very special guest, star Elizabeth Shepherd, will introduce the film in-person!

The IMDB synopsis states: “Some years after having buried his beloved wife Ligeia, Verden Fell (Vincent Price) meets and eventually marries the lovely Lady Rowena (Elizabeth Shepherd). Fell is something of a recluse, living in a small part of a now ruined Abbey with his manservant Kenrick as the only other occupant. He remains infatuated with his late wife and is convinced that she will return to him. While all goes well when first married, he returns to his odd behavior when they return to the Abbey from their honeymoon. The memories of Ligeia continue to haunt him as well as her promise that she would never die.”

AND…after a brief intermission…

9:30PM – King Kong (1933)

“It’s money and adventure and fame. It’s the thrill of a lifetime and a long sea voyage that starts at six o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Kong just turned 90 and he doesn’t look a day older! This great movie about an overenthusiastic movie producer/director, an impoverished actress, and the crew of the SS Venture, really was the beginning of the tentpole adventure movies we see today. And even after 90 years, it moves at a fast pace with economical dialogue and groundbreaking music and visual effects. Kong launched the careers of many filmmakers by inspiring them as youngsters. Is there anyone who hasn’t seen the original? Even so, most of us watch it again and again for the thrill and funny, outdated dialog. “Say, I think I love you!”


What’s THIS?? It’s a Bat-Wrap Party!

Sunday at 7:30 pm in the Upstairs Theater

Food and drink, plus a table reading of the 1966 BATMAN premiere!

Choose to eat at the event ala carte, visit the cash bar, or just come for the fun! Food and drink sold separately. And then…

SCRIPTS GONE WILD presents a live table reading of the very first classic 1966 BATMAN episodes, “Hi Diddle Riddle/Smack in the Middle.” Our ever-faithful players (Frank Dietz, Dana Hope, Kirk R. Thatcher, Daren Dochterman, Linda Wylie, Beau Kaelin, Ryan Doom, and Melinda Angstrom) will try to stay on script as that crafty criminal, the Riddler, tricks the Caped Crusader hero into breaking the law. While in a discotheque Batman falls for the magnificent Molehill Mob moll, Molly–and introduces the world to the ‘Batusi’! But–Holy Birdcage–Robin is delivered into the hands of the Riddler!

“Tune in tomorrow, same Bat-Time, same Bat-channel. The worst is yet to come!”

The WonderFest team will present tributes and door prizes. It’s one last chance to relax with friends before everyone heads home.

Tickets are just $9 per person, sold at Admissions and at the door.

Food and drink sold separately.