Ages 20 and up.

  1. SF / Fantasy Figures (includes robots)
  2. Horror Figures
  3. Vehicles
  4. Super Heroes & Super Villains
  5. Mecha (mobile suits)
  6. Anime Figures
  7. Dinosaurs
  8. Kaiju (giant monsters)
  9. Props
10. Dioramas
11. Humor & Super Deformed
12. Original Sculpt / Scratchbuilt (any subject)
13. Miniatures (figures 28mm-120mm)


Includes all categories listed above; for modelers age 13-19.


Includes all categories listed above; for modelers age 12 and under.

Yes, our annual model contest is AMAZING!

The WonderFest “Amazing” Model Contest is focused on all types of science-fiction, horror and comics models. It’s the biggest contest of its type in the world, and it’s fun to look at even if you don’t build models yourself!

The contest is sponsored by Amazing Figure Modeler magazine, which presents a $300 award for the Most Amazing Figure–and WonderFest USA!

With over a thousand incredible entries, it takes up the entire ballroom and features some of the best modeling you’ll ever see!

Viewing hours:  Saturday Noon-5pm and Sunday 10am-3pm.

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New for WF2024:
Only online entry forms will be accepted!

Entry Fees: Pay for two and enter up to 8 more free!

  • $15 per first 2 models for adults, up to 8 additional entries free
  • $10 per first 2 models for teens, up to 8 add’l entries free (ages 13-19)
  • Free for ages 12 & under

This year’s WonderFest contest entry system will be 100% online! No more hand filled-in forms! The contest show staff is dedicated to help support you through the transition if you don’t own a computer or printer or are not computer savvy–no worries! We’ll have staff to help you.

Three steps to enter:

  1. Before the show, create your forms online:
    Follow the big RED BUTTON below to create a profile and input all your contest entries. Once completed, print out the forms and bring them to the show.
  2. Pay for the entries at WF admissions:
    Take them to the WonderFest admissions booth and pay for your entries and get them stamped as paid. Booth will be open 5pm to 8pm Friday and 7:30am-11:30am Saturday.
  3. Take your models to the contest room:
    On Saturday morning between 8am-noon, bring the stamped forms with your model(s) to the contest room for placement on the table(s). There are four copies — two go under your model — one of which you will use to collect your award — one for you to keep as your receipt, and one for contest entry staff. Remember: All four copies must be stamped as paid by the admissions staff.

What if I have a problem?

If you have trouble with the online form: Contact us!

Don’t own a printer, or forgot your forms at home?
No problem! We will have printers and staff to help you look up your entries and get your print outs.

Forgot to put your entries in online or are not computer savvy?
No problem! We will have computers for data entry and printing and staff to help you get your entries in the online system.

  • Support will be available in the Franklin Room on Friday from noon to 8pm and on Saturday from 8am to 11am.
  • The contest room opens to the public at Noon on Saturday and closes for judging at 5pm Saturday.

You can avoid the lines and have more time for fun if you can get your forms entered and printed before the show. We want as many entries as you can bring! The contest is a pivotal part of the show and we are dedicated to helping as much as possible!

Judging and Awards

Judging is still based on the “Open” System. Awards will be:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Merit

PLUS special sponsored awards from some great companies that will be presented.

How do I know if I’ve won?

  • If you’ve won an award, it will be visible on the form next to your model on Sunday morning at 10, when the contest room opens.
  • You can pick up your trophy or certificate starting at 2pm Sunday. Just take your entry slip to the Franklin room, where our contest staff will present your award to you.

The full list of awards will posted on our WonderFest website within a day or two after the show. We’ll post on Facebook when the list is available.

How a Model is Judged:

Most model contests are judged on a 1st, 2nd and 3rd system—a WonderFest contest is not!

The Open System: Every model entered is carefully scrutinized by the judges and judged on its own merit.

WonderFest judging is based on the open system. This means each and every model is judged on its own merit, based on our established criteria for gold, silver, and bronze…not on a comparative scale with other models. There can be more than one of each type of award per category.

For example, if there are three models of equal merit in a category and the judges agree that all are gold material then all three models will be awarded golds. On the other hand if the judges feel there are no gold-caliber models in a category then none will be awarded. That goes for silver and bronze as well. There can be multiple awards or no awards given in a category depending on the judges’ discretion.

WonderFest feels the open system is fairer to modelers. In a large contest having single categories with more than 60 models, this frees the judges from being forced to recognize only three winners.

Models entered in figure categories will be judged primarily on the figure alone even if displayed on a scenic base; models entered in the diorama category will be judged with emphasis on the entire scene. It is the modeler’s option to choose the category at the time of entering the contest.

More Contest Info - Click topic to expand

The Official Contest Rules:

Our mission: Encourage the hobby and create the ultimate showcase for modeling excellence!

Exclusions: Winning models from past WonderFest model contests may not be re-entered. WonderFest staff, contest core personnel, judges and sponsors are prohibited from entering contest.

Proxies: Model must be built & painted by modeler entering contest. Entries by proxy are allowed but must be declared to Contest Officials in advance (violators will be disqualified).

Size: Entries should not exceed our size limitation of 18″d x 24″w x 24″h. Larger entries are allowed, but any piece larger than 48″d x 48″w x 36″h requires that you first contact the contest chief so we are prepared.

“Mature” Subjects: Due to the family nature of the WonderFest experience, it is show policy that models depicting nudity and those containing violent or “adult” subject matter will not be accepted for entry. Figures are subject to review for content by the Contest Chief.

Entry of models: Modelers must neatly print all information on Entry Form (please ask questions if you do not understand). Modeler is allowed to place their own model on contest table, but MUST be accompanied by contest usher, who will give you a claim check. Modeler MUST immediately exit contest area after placement of entry.

Removal of models: Once entered, models cannot be removed from contest early. Early removal automatically disqualifies entrant. After the awards presentation, proper claim check must be shown to usher who will accompany you to remove model (no exceptions.)

Disputes: All Judges’ decisions are final.

Liability: WonderFest assumes no liability or responsibility in case of accidents involving models or for property lost, stolen or damaged. Entries unclaimed after 6 p.m. on Sunday will be turned over to the hotel’s Lost & Found desk.

Helpful tips for contest entrants

Here’s what our judges look for:

Basic work is the first thing the judges will check. There should be no seams visible. Joints, etc. should be filled where necessary. Glue marks are considered a flaw, and sanding scratches should be eliminated.

Scratchbuilt or modified parts are looked upon favorably (though good out-of-the-box work is not discounted). Additions should be correct in scale and uniform. If the entire entry is scratchbuilt, overall appearance and symmetry will be examined.

Decals, if used, should have a finish that does not show any film around the edges. Also, decals applied over flat paints can get a “silvered” appearance, and this is judged poorly. If a flat finish is the result you’re after, apply decals over gloss-painted surfaces and then flat-coat the model.

Weathering should not be overdone when used. Weathering should be in scale. Too much can make for a sloppy-looking finish.

Painting should be smooth with no visible brush strokes. Fingerprints, runs, smudges, cracks, etc. will all detract. While colors can vary due to the fantasy subjects one should keep in mind which colors complement one other. Models from movies or television should try to match on-screen appearance.

Skin tones are also important. Few modelers use flesh tones straight from the bottle. Usually skin tones are mixed from two or three different colors. Be careful of hard lines when doing washes. Dry brushing should be subtle when doing highlighting.

One big consideration for a winning figure is the eyes. Human, monster, or dinosaur—get the eyes right and your kit will come alive.

Overall presentation is also very important. The base and mount for any kit should enhance its appearance rather than possibly detract from the model. A model can also have a “WOW” factor. Judges are human, too. Kits that make them look twice because of dynamics and presentation may receive better marks—and a dynamic kit may be more easily “forgiven” for minor technical errors.

Finally, remember that judging is a subjective exercise. Some things may appeal to some judges that may not to others. At WonderFest, we strive to put the right judges with the right subjects.

Want to know who won awards in the past?

We’ve kept an archive of past winners dating back to 1999. Just follow the link and return to the contests of yore.