Iron Modeler is something like Iron Chef, but way cooler!

Saturday evening from 6pm-10pm | Elliott Room

Teams of 2-3 people each are all given the same kit (or model part, or random street garbage if the organizers are feeling particularly of a mood) and access to a big pile of model kit parts and other assorted….stuff. Each team has 4 hours to build, well, anything they want, really, as long as it uses the base kit/part/garbage. Build it, paint it, tell a story about your thought process at the end.

Bonus points always go to imagination – and funny stories.

  • The “parts dump” at the front of the room includes parts each team brings as their token offering to the scale modeling gods…. er, “entry fee” – plus whatever else anyone, anywhere on this planet wants to bring (as long as it’s clean and glue-able). (No printer cartridges.)
  • The room is ringed with chairs and there will be spectators. Ignore the tourists and build.
  • The event starts shortly after the main WonderFest events end for the day (6:00 – 10:00pm). If you plan to participate in Iron Modeler (or “eye-em”, as all the kewl kidz call it) you should probably eat/pee/love beforehand. You can have someone bring in food, that’s cool – but seriously – four hours here goes by *fast* and you don’t want to waste it on potty breaks and pizza.
  • We will have spray booths – and also paint, compressors and airbrushes courtesy of the very fine folks at Iwata and TAG Team Hobbies.
  • We will be collecting a number of celebrity judges again this year. Judging is arbitrary and completely at the whims of the judges.
  • There will be Iron Modeler Champion awards presented, provided by Starship Modeler.
  • Portions of the event, including the kick-off and judging, will be live-streamed on Facebook.

Anyone attending WonderFest can join in – this is just the place where you sign up (so we know how many tables and donor kits/parts/trash we need). If you are having trouble signing up, please email John Lester.

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Sign up your team using our form.

  • If you would like to compete, please state your team’s name and names of three members in the form below.
  • If you do not have a team, or too many have already signed up, we will put you on a “standby” list in the event that another team or one of its members are no-shows.

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    Iron Modeler Rules (yes it does!)

    The rules are as they have been from the very first event all those many moons ago in the back corner of the Lizard Lounge:

    • Teams get a maximum of three members – and a minimum of two. Trust us, one person can’t keep up. We have room for 9 teams MAX. Sign-up is first-come, first served.
    • Each team must supply a box of model parts as an entry fee. The box may be as large as a 5-gallon paint can, but no smaller than a standard shoebox. Parts may be resin, plastic, metal, a mix – anything that can be glued. Parts must be clean – don’t be a dick and bring a box of dirty piston rods. (you know who you are).
    • Only one member from each team is allowed at the at the parts dump at a time. This is strictly enforced. By guerilla mimes.
    • There will be approximately four hours in which to finish your entries, figure out your story, and clean up your mess.
    • You must bring your own tools. There are limited electrical outlets in the room so battery-powered is your best bet. The hotel frowns rather strongly on circular saws, belt sanders and welding rigs. Save the sawsall for the parking lot.
    • Painting is encouraged but not required. Two airbrush stations and a selection of paints will be provided. You may only use the paints provided with these airbrushes, so leave the fancy FS colors at home.  Rattlecans/spray paints are strictly forbidden in the hotel (and they really would rather you not use them in their parking lot, either).  You may bring your own paint to hand-brush, but you will be responsible for any damage to hotel property from spills or other accidents – so maybe best to not bring that either.
    • A simple base and brass rod are allowed to mount your finished creation.
    • All teams must stay after the event is over to help clean up the room. But you were going to do that anyway because you are all decent individuals, right?