Designer, engineer, modelmaker, Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones

JOHN EBLAN – President of Eblanworx

In his own words:

Visual effects, models and environments have captured my interest ever since I was a kid, watching those great spaceships zooming across the big screen. I thought to myself, ‘how did they do that? I want to do that’.

Today I get to ‘do that’ with the assistance of my team at Eblanworx, designing, engineering and creating so many wonderful, iconic and amazingly detailed props, replicas and miniatures.

From my client relationships to how I approach my team members, my actions and decisions are guided by Integrity, Honesty and Quality.

I am a husband, a father and a grandfather; these aspects form and fulfill my life.

In high school, one of my drafting instructors told me ‘no one is ever going to pay you to put that much detail into anything’. Since then, I have built miniatures for several films, including STAR WARS, STAR TREK and INDIANA JONES, before starting my own studio. Ah, the irony.