3D Printing for the Absolute Beginner

Considering getting a 3D printer or have one still in the box?  This is the class for you. Getting started with the software and tips for the beginner.

Engineering a 2001 Plastic Kit

Master modeler Jeffrey Wargo distusses the research and t considerations hat goes into engineering an injection-molded plastic kit for market. A

Assorted Fabrication Tips

Assorted Fabrication Tips to Make Your Life Easier:  Some thoughts, techniques, and tips for scratch building fantasy vehicles.

Cleaning 3D Prints

Will Barton and Scott Michael present 3D printing tips combined with a demonstration of how to clean up and prepare the prints for painting.

Gloss Finishes for Vehicles

Not all s-f vehicles are dirty and worn.  Learn the basics of achieving high gloss finishes on your models.

Living Longer While Making Models

The risks associated with the various bonding agents and solvents used in modelling. How to determine the risk of various products.