Dealers confirmed for the June 2021 WonderFest

Two dealer's rooms diagramDealer space is SOLD OUT!  Dealer’s Rooms A and B will be open from 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

The variety of dealers just gets better every year! Besides the fantastic kit vendors, we usually have airbrush companies, tool companies and molding & casting material companies. Spaceship modelers will be especially pleased to see more vendors of their interest.

The typical mix of merchandise includes lots of models and garage kits, new and rare toys, video dealers, classic monster stuff, posters, TV & movie collectibles, books, magazines, & comics.

Vendors who deal in paints and other hobby supplies will also be on hand.

2021 List of Dealers

Dealer list as of 5/5/21 (* denotes show guests):

A Place In Time Antique Toys
Action Hobbies
Alternative Images
Amazing Figure Modeler
Anime Haus
Arsenal Models
Atlantis Models
Black Heart Models
Bombshell Miniatures
G. Andrew Boush
Tracy Brownfield
Chestnut Hollow
Creepy Classics
Cretaceous Creations
Steve Crum
Dark Carnival
Bill Diamond*
Frank Dietz*

Dimensional Designs
Earthbound/ Pestilence
John Eaves*
Fade To Black
Fifth Freedom Models
Filmy’s Girls
G & T Prototyping and Production
Garage Kit.US
Giant Robot Monsters
Glenmarc Industries, Inc.
The Glue Looper
Goodfellas Resin
Greenfield Studio/ Vincent Marinucci
Sam Greenwell
Hobby Zone USA
Hodge Hobbies
Hot Spot Collectibles & Toys
Iwata/Tag Team
J & L Collectibles
Jimmy Flintstone Studios
John’s Models
.JPG Productions
Kaiju Modeler
Kick Ass Kits
Kenneth King
Kingdom of Toys
Rich Larson
M Studios
Mark Maddox*
Chase Masterson*

The McDevit Studio & Artyopteryx
Shane McGowin
Michigan Toy Soldier Co.
Mikes Machining
Model Prisoners
Monster Dork Studio
Monsters From The Woods
Morbid Monster
Multi Verse Models
Oscars ToyBox
Gabriel Perna
Props & Ships
Ricky Puckett
Pulp Heros
Quarantine Studio
Reel Art, Inc
Resin Dust Kits
Resin Maniacs
Resin Model Kits By Rich Harmon
Reynolds Advanced Materials
Rhino’s Hobby Tools & More
David Roseler
Round 2
Rpss Chirico
Sean Kyle Studio
David Smith
Steve Smith
Starship Modeler
Rick Sternbach*
Ronald Van Stockholm Jr
William Stout*
Three Kings Resin
Timeslip Creations
Titanic Creations
Tyrant Toys & Collectibles
Ultra studios
Bill Wieger
Wilhelms Model House
WonderFest Info & Sales
Zorloza Creations