Lorne Peterson: Part One

Lorne Peterson is one of the founding members of Industrial Light & Magic. He was hired by George Lucas to help create the models for the first STAR WARS movie in 1975. In 1978, he oversaw the entire production of models for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. His signature is evident on nearly every model used in the original trilogy. Lorne’s work is also showcased in the entire STAR WARS Saga, JURASSIC PARK, MEN IN BLACK, GALAXY QUEST, and the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films. He was honored with an Academy Award® and a BAFTA Award for the special effects work in INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. “Sculpting a Galaxy: Inside the Star Wars Model Shop” was his first book.

In one-hour talks on Saturday and Sunday, Lorne will talk about how the visual effects work changed and evolved during his career.


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Upstairs Theater A
Lorne Peterson